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Back In The Dark Resident Mark J Selection of New Music



A Northerner by heart, a Northerner by nature, DJ Mark J oozes friendliness like he’s just been smacked round the face with it. “I’m a very friendly guy, a lot of DJs have big egos. I don’t.” And with this friendly nature comes the kind of ‘go easiness’ that we all could do with a little more of. “My prerogative is, I play cool music, to cool people. And if they like it, then that’s cool too!” Mark J’s definition of cool music is deep , funky, soulful house,
Originating from Hull, Mark J quickly familiarised himself with this kind of music in the early eighties,soul, disco travelling to the big Northern cities where “good all-nighters” were the place to be. “I fell in love with the music, the lifestyle and the people so I wanted to bring a little of it back home.” Dipping into his pockets to fund a hobby, Mark J purchased a set of DJ decks and started his journey. Playing soul funk n disco i soon fell into the early house groove. Playing at Welly Club Hull, then various warehouse parties in and around Yorkshire. “It was all about house music for me. ” I love all styles of house as long as its got a fat bass line and nice vocals. Soho resident 4 years, Deep Blue fm. Bar So, Westleigh Hotel Parties, Endorset Festival, Beatwinus Radio, Afrodisiac Radio, The Winchester. Vocal Booth Spain 2012

BITD Resident Mark J Bumpy Ouse Part 2







1 Novelty Island – James Welsh
2 Never Guna Stop-James Dexter
3 Feel Me-Conor Hamitlon
4 Be Yourself (Original Mix) – Young Hand
5 Me & You – 5B Le Vinyl, Javi Bora & Melohman
6 Darius Syrossian & Hector Couto- Metal
7 What’s In Your Head (Original Mix) – Disclosure
8 Love Message-Nicholas
9 Light (Original Mix) – Sunny Galaxy
10 Trilingual Dance Sexperience (HNNY Edit) – Dorian Concept


Killler Tune! Deep Future Let Me go #DeepHouse

il_fullxfull.151205869Found purchased and ready for the next party, mix or whatever comes first, pure heat on vinyl and a must purchase, deep house lovers you need this in your life!

Got thru Xmas without Killing anyone.. have a party on us! #deephouse anyone?

Bad Santa Thornton

Well Done YOU!!!

So the parents have either buggered off, fallen asleep or you have managed to escape home back to normality…only to find the TV is Sh.t tonight (as per usual).

Just to help you out below are 3 killer #deephouse mixes from our residents, previously posted on BITD (so search for them if you want the track lists).

Put together with love from Wayne Bailey, Gary Ellis, Mark Johnson after a kick up the arse from Alan Riggs.


Waynes mix

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/70853643″ iframe=”true” /]

Marks Mix

Garys mix

Wolf Music and Greymatter are at it again! a MUST LISTEN!


Ok its clear we love these guys! But between us we have over 60 years collective experience in the #deephouse game so we aren’t blowing smoke up their arse just because we are trying to get a good deal out of em :).


Anyway enough crap from us….boys we bow to your superiority, all further details from Wolf Musics SoundcloudFOLLOW THE YELLOW WOLF ROAD PEOPLE…THE GREAT  WIZARD IS BEHIND THE DECKS!!! (And thats the closest to a XMAS reference you’ll get from us 🙂 )

Quoted from Greymatters Soundcloud:

Been quite a year for WOLF – thanks to everyone who has been involved with what we do, and to those that have got up in the dance wherever we have played.

We have done a mix of tracks that have been a pleasure to release this year (and some that we signed this year, but not out till Jan). WOLF only stuff. Could have put all our tracks in here as we love each and every one of them, but time is tight and Jive Bunny’s fees were too high.”

Track-list for the mix:

1) James Welsh – Zippyshare (WOLFEP013)
2) Casino Times – Heart Strings (WOLFEP017)
3) Medlar – The Sun (WOLFEP016)
4) Greymatter – Sweat (James Welsh Remix) (WOLFEP014)
5) James Welsh – M62 (Medlar Remix) (WOLFEP013)
6) Terrence Pearce – Majik (WOLFEP015)
7) Greymatter – TIEF (WOLFEP012)
8) Greymatter – Pick N’ Roll (WOLFEP014)
9) Medlar – Knockard Pearl (Detroit Swindle Remix) (WOLFEP016)
10) Squareheard & Mella Dee – Get Together (WOLFEP015)
11) Bicep – MIXXMASTER 88 (WOLFEP017)
12) Greymatter – Tesla (Dub Refix) (WOLFEP014)
13) Waize & Odyssey – Feel My Voices (WOLFEP015)
14) KRL – Static (WOLFEP011)
15) Greymatter – Give It To Me Slow (San Soda Remix) (WOLFEP012)
16) Medlar – Can’t Stop (Creative Swing Alliance Remix) (WOLFEP017)